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David Choe, Untitled 2003 (Original Mixed Media on Canvas)

David Choe, Untitled 2003 (Original Mixed Media on Canvas)

$ 33,500.00

David Choe : Untitled (2003)


David Choe

Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas, 39 ½ x 39 ½ ”

Painting is framed, no glass, canvas on stretcher bars


Condition: Excellent

Provenance: The Che-Howell Collection


Tags: Contemporary Art, David Choe, Street Art, Contemporary Art, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Vice Magazine, United States, Original Art, Fine Art

The artist in San Francisco in 2003

+ Bio 

David Choe (born April 21, 1976) is an American painter, muralist, graffiti artist and graphic novelist of Korean descent. His figure paintings, which explore themes of desire, degradation, and exaltation, are characterized by a raw, frenetic tone that he has termed "dirty style."

Choe's work appears in a wide variety of urban culture and entertainment contexts. For example, he provided the cover art for Jay-Z and Linkin Park's multi-platinum album Collision Course, and created artwork to decorate the sets of Juno and The Glass House. In 2005, internet entrepreneur Sean Parker, a longtime fan, asked him to paint graphic sexual murals in the interior of Facebook's first Silicon Valley office, and in 2007, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg commissioned him to paint somewhat tamer murals for their next office. Although he thought the Facebook business model was "ridiculous and pointless,"Choe, a habitual gambler, chose to receive company stock in lieu of cash payment for the original Facebook murals. His shares were valued at approximately $200 million on the eve of Facebook's 2012 IPO. Those murals were loosely re-created by Choe's friends Rob Sato and Joe To for the set of the film The Social Network. During the 2008 presidential race, Choe painted a portrait of then-Senator Barack Obama for use in a grassroots street art campaign. The original was later displayed in the White House. (via Wikipedia)

In the graffiti world, he is identified with the bucktoothed whale he has been spray-painting on the streets since he was in his teens. His antics on and off the canvas have been featured on VICE TV. David also hosts DVDASA (Double Vag Double Anal Sensitive Artist), a lifestyle, relationship and entertainment podcast with co-host Asa Akira.

 + Interviews

David Choe paints a mural for the first Wynwood Walls Project

during Art Basel Miami 2007, a collaboration with Andy Howell

David Choe with Andy Howell, LA 2004


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